Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Like Living in the Desert..

"Hero Shot"

Jonathan told me to do some high kicks, hilarity ensued.Until he finally got the picture of me "kicking the tree" haha

Top- Gift from my friend's mom. $Free!/Skirt- Ross $6!/Tights- Target $7/Shoes- Wanted via Ross $10

So, this is, in fact, my attempt at stripes and floral. I really liked it, judging by the look I got from Jonathan when he first saw me, I don't think he was quite as into it. haha. But the amazing man that he is, he still agreed to take my pictures for me. :] Thanks babe. Also, the first time I wore my hair like this to work, my friend Jacobi said "That hairstyle is.. interesting. Like, it's not something you would expect." lol. I don't know what that means, but thanks girl. I like to keep ya on your toes. It just reminds me that not everyone is always going to like everything I do, but that I do, and wear, and style things for myself, and no one else. Yay!

In Texas lately it has seriously been like living in the desert. The days are getting hot, but as soon as the sun starts to go down, it's freezing again. I don't know what's up, but it's getting annoying. Getting dressed has become a difficult task. This outfit was perfect for the daytime weather, and then a little inappropriate once the temperature dropped. Oops. hah. Oh well.

We talked about investing in some good cameras, also. Right now we're just using an Olympus point and shoot of some kind, it's actually my mom's. It's a good camera, but we could use better. So hopefully soon, if you can live through grainy, not quite as good pictures, then there will be much better ones in the future!! :] If you have any suggestions, pointers, etc, then feel free to send them my way.

These pictures are also from last week sometime. I've been living in the Edward and Bella hole. I just finished New Moon last night. I know, I'm such a sell-out. haha. I would even consider getting a Team Edward t-shirt. I read through New Moon so fast because I wanted to get to the part where Edward comes back. haha. It's not that I don't like Jacob, but I know what kind of relationship they have, I've had one of those. And I knew Edward hadn't given up on her, so I was just anxious to get them together again. haha. Wow, I can't believe after all this time of hating on the Twilight saga so much, I've become so consumed. And it's really not that Stephanie Meyer is that great of an author, but she definitely came up with one amazing story. So, kudos to her. I'm off to write my own novel now!! hahaha.

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