Monday, March 22, 2010

Out of the Loop..

This last week has been a little crazy, and off balance. The weather decided to revert back to some winter tendencies. We actually got snow Saturday, the first official day of spring! And it snowed! What?!We're still dealing with the cold after effects, so I've been in a lot of jeans and sweaters.

Anyway, I thought I should still do a post since it's been quite awhile. These pictures are actually from about a week ago. But I liked this outfit. It was really lounge-y and comfortable. :]

T-shirt- Abercrombie&Fitch from lost and found at my old job.hah./Plaid shirt- from Ross/Skirt- from Ross/Tights- Target/Shoes- Walmart/Sunglasses- Shake Junt

I love a plaid button-up and the skirt is like, sweatshirt material or something. haha. You can see that I'm very knowledgeable about these things. ;] I originally had on my TOMS with this, but decided I needed some black shoes, and honestly, those little sneakers are the only black shoes I actually own! Weird, right? I think it's time for some shopping. I've been saving up!

Alright, work is creeping up quicker and quicker on me. I guess I better get productive this morning. Have a happy Monday! Hopefully this week will be an awesome one.

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