Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Skirt Remix..

I know your eyeballs have been bombarded with green today, but why not just a little bit more? :]
This was my choice of St Patty's Day wear. Nice and simple, just like I like it.
This skirt is actually from my very first post, and yes, I've already re-worn it. It's too cute not to. And honestly was the only thing other than jeans that would've gone with this.

The top underneath my green one is actually a cute little dress I bought at Forever 21 not too long ago. There's enough green in it that I could have not put the shirt over it, however, it's still a little too chilly here to go full on tank top already. I can't wait until it is though, because this dress has the cutest detail ever that I can't wait to show you. :]

But I guess if you shop at Forever 21 enough you might've already seen it. If you have, just pretend like you haven't when I debut it, okay? haha.

This outfit did serve double-duty though. Not only is today St. Patrick's Day, but it is also
Jonathan's mom's birthday. Lucky gal. We got her to pose in a couple of photos with us. Yay!

Ms. Blanca and I.Her and Jonathan.Jonathan and I.

And then at the end of my little photo shoot, Jonathan decided for some reason that I needed to be more gangster. I don't really know how to pull that off, or if putting your hood up actually makes you more "hood". But I did my best. haha.Attitude! Kind of? No. Oh well.
P.S. I know I look a bit frazzled in these pictures, this is after work hair and makeup. haha.

Now we are just kickin' back and just enjoying the day with some beer and pizza, and then of course Ms. Blanca's chocolate birthday cake!

Alright, happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Be safe, and have a great time.

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