Thursday, June 17, 2010

What a Way to Spend the Day...

Part 1!
Thursdays Jonathan and I have off together. We mostly spend it lazing about all day and maybe going shopping or something like that. Today Jonathan randomly decided we should go to the Ft. Worth Botanic Gardens. And I almost peed myself in excitement. haha. I've lived here aaalmost two years now, and have yet to really experience anything. I've been so busy just working and whatever. Which brings me to my point about why I named this part 1. We already have plans for next Thursday, too! So I was thinking maybe Thursdays could be mini-vacation days where we explore some cool place in Texas. :] I know I'm up for it.. Just gotta see about talking Jonathan into it. hahah.

So anyway, here is the outfit. You knew it was coming. hah. Pretty simple for a day in nature. hah. I don't know why.. maybe because I wore nothing but black all throughout high school, but for the past few years I have refused black in every way I could. Choosing white, grey or brown as my neutrals of choice. But randomly this summer (when you're not even supposed to wear black..) I decided that I really like black and wants lots and lots of it! How backwards is that?? haha. So I picked up this top and these black sandals from Forever 21 when Jonathan took me birthday shopping, and these shoes have almost never left my feet since.

Don't get me wrong, I still love white, grey and brown colored things, but for some reason I just have this black craving. It's so weird. hahah. Anyway.. on to the day!

A couple more outfit shots for ya. We went on the nature trail when first arriving. It was very serene and beautiful. Luckily we spent most of our day in the shade, considering the temperature was like, 97 degrees. I definitely got sweaty, but it was never overwhelming, thankfully.
This is Jonathan. Conquering nature? haha. I don't know. He has the silliest poses for his pictures. :] The best part of the day was definitely the Japanese Gardens. So so so so wonderful. There's toons of water filled with Koi fish. Bigger than I had imagined! And boy, are they hungry. There are quarter machines set up with fish food that you can buy. We plopped down by the water and got to feeding. My absolute favorite part of the day.
We caused a feeding frenzy! Even the ducks came to get their share. Right out of Jonathan's hand!
This guy knew the drill, too. He was right up in my face! haha. They definitely aren't scared of people. They want that food! They would jump around and splash water up onto me. It was pretty awesome.
A perfectly Zen rock garden. :] And of course we took some time out for meditating...

Isn't it all just so beautiful? I love things like this. And except for paying to go through the Japanese Garden part, the rest was free. So we're being thrifty, and having a great time, too! Thank you again Jonathan for the beautiful day together. :) I can't wait for next week to come now! Ahh! haha.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Even though I've worn this top a few times before, I bought it with this specific skirt in mind. And in case you don't remember, this skirt is the one I had asked about shortening in this post, here. I got a great suggestion about using safety pins and kind of bubble-hemming it, but it's not permanent because I really did love wearing it longer, too. But now that it's so hot out, the shorter hem length is mandatory. And I must say, this is definitely a favorite of mine. I was in a funk for awhile, but i feel like I'm slowly pulling myself out of it. With my clothes, anyway. hah.

This is another appearance from my favorite bangles. Which Emiley, my best friend, noticed and brought up, and thought it was really weird that I was wearing bangles. haha. Her and I hadn't seen each other for almost two years and last Friday we finally were able to get together and eat some dinner and catch up a little bit. It was surreal, and the best night I've had in a really long time. I miss her every single day. Living so far apart is really hard on both of us, especially because prior to my moving we spent almost every minute of every day together. We lived together, worked together, had the same friends, and all the same interests. So yeah, this has definitely been a big adjustment. But I'm just so thankful to have been able to at least eat dinner with her after so long. And.. yeah. This is what I wore! haha. Don't ever let anyone tell you that a friendship is not important. Seriously.

Tank-Norma Kamali from Walmart $5!/Skirt- Thrifted $4.60!/Shoes- Forever 21 $14.80/Accessories- Forever 21

Monday, June 7, 2010

Simple and Sweet.

Here's just a little something I threw on for my day off. It's been over 95 degrees every single day since the end of may. Shorts and skirts have been a necessity. And I just really love the pattern on this top! So I thought I'd go ahead and grab a couple of photos. :]

This is almost one of those optical illusion outfits where you're not sure if there are shorts under there or not. But I think that would definitely be a bit too scandalous. haha. Comfort and staying cool were my only two thoughts at this point.
Purple tank- Forever 21 $2.50!/Tunic- Ross/Shorts- Ross/Sandals- Dollhouse from Ross/Bracelets- Thrifted/Ring- Forever 21

Friday, June 4, 2010


I have to say, I'm pretty sure this is one of my favorite outfits so far this summer. I know it just started, but I've worn this twice already. haha. I even got a compliment from Jonathan on it, and I was pretty surprised. I didn't think this would be something he would like. So it's a double wammy of favoritism. Gotta love that! :] I will admit that the first time I wore it was a much simpler version, i didn't own the hat or necklaces yet. But I bought them all with this exact thing in mind. And I'm sooo happy with the way it turned out!
It's a fairly preppy look, so I feel like the lace and accessories make it a little less traditional. The chain necklace I had been spying at WalMart every time I went, but I didn't want to pay the measly six dollars for it. I'm so cheap! lol. But this last time I went, it was on sale for three bucks!! I definitely couldn't pass it up then. Then the feather necklace came from a birthday shopping trip Jonathan took me on yesterday. I spent some money in Forever 21 on some other things you'll be seeing pretty soon also. :] Oh, that's where I also got the hat. I love birthdays! (Mine isn't until the 11th, but he'll be out of town so we're celebrating early.) Next is sushi!! And then when he comes home we'll finally be going to Movie Tavern. I've never been and I'm so excited! hahah.
P.S.- I got to see my best friend tonight!!! Emiley, I'm so so so glad we got to have an in-person conversation for the first time in almost 2 years. This outfit isn't from tonight, but I'm too excited to not tell everyone until I get to that outfit. haha. Ah, it was so nice. I wish we could hang out all the time again. I miss her so much. :( blahh. anyway. No being sad! I'm just happy we had this opportunity tonight.
Hat(7.80), feather necklace(5.80), ring(3.80), brooch on pocket($1)- Forever 21/Chain necklace- Walmart $3!/Bracelets($1 each!) and Belt ($2!)- Thrifted/Lace top- thrifted/Chambray shirt- Walmart/Shorts- Thrifted/Shoes($8!) and sunglasses($3.50!- Dollar General!!