Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April Showers.

Bring flower prints? I guess so. hah.
After a rainy, cold weekend, I needed something bright and cheery to compliment the beautiful weather!

Shirt: Miley Cyrus/Walmart- $10, Skirt: Goodwill- $5, Shoes: Steve Madden from Ross- $10
When I bought this skirt, I had originally planned on shortening it. But then I decided I really liked wearing it long today. However, I think it'd look super cute with a bubble hem! What do you think? I just know that I really love it. And it has pockets! Ahh!
I also warned you that this shirt would show up again, and again. I don't think I'll be able to get enough of it.

I couldn't resist picking a dandelion. Isn't that what spring/summer is all about when you're a kid? :]
This outfit was just too perfect for the day. I ran some errands after work, and now I'm hanging out with Jonathan. Tomorrow is my day off, and I'm sooo excited. When you have only one day a week off from work, you really appreciate those days. haha.
Have a great night everyone!

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