Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Target Practice..

Warning: This post is not what you would call "high fashion" by any means. hah. Not that many of mine are, but I think it's important to include my daily life in here, and I am not dressed up every single day. :]
Jonathan had bought the two of us some handguns, so what better way to spend a lovely afternoon than by having some target practice?

Jonathan, counting his steps back from the target, old west style. 20 paces.

Do I look powerful? Or just silly? haha

A really cool shot Jonathan got for me. Thanks babe! :]

You can still see the smoke! His gun is definitely more powerful than mine. haha. I tried to shoot his, and the kick scared me!
Target, at the beginning, the circled holes were already there.
The target about halfway through. Not too bad! I didn't get one at the end, but we did both end up getting bulls-eye shots! Woo!
And of course, if something bad were to happen, it would happen to me. hah. I stepped in a fire ant hill and had to take my shoe off until they were gone. It was scary seeing them all bombarding my foot and leg! Ughh.
A "myspace" picture I took of myself. haha. Gotta love those ear covers, right?

And because I know you're all so very excited to know what it is I decided to wear on this excursion.. I still had Jonathan take an outfit photo. hahah. Shirt: Obey, Christmas gift from the boy, Jeans: Bullhead from Pacsun, Shoes: DVS from Journeys, Belt: Goodwill.

I've been loving the side braid lately. It's so much prettier than a pony tail, and all of my layers are finally long enough to braid all the way in! :]

Can I make a confession? A couple months before this blog, and still a lot of the time, this is how I dress. haha. You know the truth! I can't help it. I love skater shoes, and band t-shirts, and jeans! I'm trying to start incorporating all of these things into prettier outfits, but it's so much easier (and lazy) to revert back to these when I think the weather's too gross for pictures, or whatever other excuse I have. Hey, I'm human.

Anyway! We had a great freakin time. And I felt like a badass learning how to shoot a gun. Next is our conceal and carry licenses. I'm excited! This is what happens when you live in Texas, people.

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Fashions Not A Luxury said...

FUN! I need to go back a shooting range or outdoors. Cute blog X