Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Old Becomes New a.k.a. Teen Spirit.

Idea behind this outfit? Okay. If you read my first post you would know that I was super emo/punk in high school. I wore jeans, tennis shoes (chucks or some sort of skater shoe) and lots of black! I like to think I've come a looong way since then. A long, long, long way. hah. Skirts were never a part of my closet. So this is my updated high school me. A motocross shirt, plaid, and chucks mixed with tights and a skirt perfectly combines who I was then with who I am now. And I love it. :]

I'll figure out that whole lighting thing one of these days. Probably when I get a better camera. Anyone care to contribute to that dream? hah.

Shirt: Metal Mulisha- Ross $5, Plaid Shirt: Walmart $13, Skirt- Forever 21 $10, Tights- Walmart $5, Shoes- Converse- Ross $15, Belt- Unsure, Ring- Forever 21 $3.80

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is that your waynes world shirt?