Thursday, April 8, 2010

Neutral in Spring

This day started off really chilly, so I had been a bit worried about being able to get outside for some pictures without freezing to death. Luckily it's warmed up to a beautiful 66 degrees. haha. That's normally still too cold for me, but the wind finally died down, and there are zero clouds to block any sunshine. So I'm definitely loving it. :]
This outfit is a bit of a tribute to neutrals, and some of the trends of the season I've been seeing. I found these high-waisted trousers at Goodwill and snagged them up. I had been dreaming of finding the perfect pair, and I think these are it. Flat front, pockets, tapered leg, and the right weight of fabric. I love them!

This top might end up being my favorite thing to wear this summer. Although, it's not really a shirt! I tricked you. It's a dress. But it's just a little too body-con for me to wear that way. So for now, it functions as a super cute tank top. I just love the open back with the bow details. Ahh.

Dress, worn as top- Forever 21/Pants- Ann Taylor via Goodwill $4!/Shoes- Forever 21 via TJ Maxx (mom's)/Belt- Mom's/Bracelet- Goodwill $1

And then, of course... the shoes. They are my mother's, but I confiscated them for the purpose of this outfit. They're amazing, huh? I hardly ever wear anything that's not flats or tennis shoes of some kind. I've always been a little self conscious of my height, but hey.. why not wear shoes to make me over 6 feet tall? Right? Most girls try to make themselves look taller, but I'm still trying to be comfortable with the fact that I am. And because I never wear heels, wedges, anything, I've been having a heck of a time walking around normally in these babies. haha. But I guess practice makes perfect.

Anyway, finish this all off with a bracelet from Goodwill, and a belt that's also my mom's, and this may be the cheapest outfit, ever. hah. Okay, maybe not really.. but it's probably pretty dang close.

I have to gush for a minute about how much I really love these pictures. Thank you so much, Jonathan. It's our day off together and he doesn't think I'm crazy for wanting to spend it getting all dolled up and taking a bunch of pictures of me for the purpose of doing something as silly and frivolous as a style blog. haha. His support throughout this beginning process has been amazing. :]

Anyway, I'm off to enjoy my day with junk food, writing, and who knows what else. I hope you all have the same beautiful weather to bask in!

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I wont lie. the top part of this is amazing... I dont know exactly how I feel about the pants.

I just say, lost the pants. and you got your tall ass an outfit haha