Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Basics

I think I've worn probably about 20 different variations of this outfit. Just keeping the skirt and the white tank the two staples. And this is the first time I've finally gotten around to photographing it. This has definitely been my go-to combo for the summer. It's easy, cute, breezy and not too over-done. I really freakin' love it. I know everyone has their own favorite go-to outfit. Probably at least one for every season you experience, right?

I really love the way these photos came out, thank you Jonathan! He spent a long time outside with me to get these captured. And I really appreciate it. We also had a lot of fun! This next photo is me having to turn away because I'm laughing so hard at his "photographer directions". haha. "okay, now you're waving! You just saw someone walk in and you wave to her! Okay, walk like an egyptian! Oh, now you're crying! You're crying! Keep your eyes open! Stand up straight!"
lol. It was so hilarious. As you can see...

Ah, this was a relaxing day off. I'm actually editing these photos and putting together this blog post while I drink a nice, refreshing glass of Riuniti Lambrusco. Now, I am definitely no wine expert. Although I wish I were. Which is why I decided to try this. I've only had white zins, and a riesling before. And I figured the Lambrusco would be a good intro to a red. I hope to get more into it, and learn about all the different kinds and really find my own wine niche, if you will. Maybe that would be a good idea for future bloggy stuff. :]

Hat- Forever 21/Blue Tank- Zine from Zumiez ($FREE! it was a buy one get one free sale!)/White Tank- Forever 21 ($6!)/Skirt- Forever 21/Belt,Necklace,Ring- Forever 21/Shoes- Wanted from Ross ($10!)

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

But not really, I guess. Since you can't really tell what's going on in the picture. I was just too excited to had to post something! haha. This is a picture of a huuge pile of clothes on the bed!

What are they doing there? Where did they come from? How many items of clothing is it?

A: I was so happy after acquiring all these clothes that I poured them out onto the bed to show Jonathan, and maybe roll around in them just a little bit, like it was a big pile of money. (okay not really that last part)
B; They came from this great little resale shop that Jonathan's mom volunteers at. She told me they were having a sale where everything you can fit into a bag for ONE DOLLAR. Yes. A buck for a bag of clothing.
C; Well, I got two bags. haha. There's another layer underneath the top one and you don't see all the way to the edge of the pile because I couldn't get it all in there.

I have some fall-y things that I can't wait to wear, and of course some warm weather items also. This is Texas. Fall weather doesn't start for another few months still. :(
But yeah. I was really excited and wanted to share with you. :]

I will be back later with a regular outfit post. Not containing any new thrifted things, though. Those you'll just have to wait for. Muahahahah.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thrift Genius!

Oh, hey. This is easy summer wear. White tee, full skirt (really an empire waisted dress), cute and comfy heels. Oh, and completely unstyled hair. 100 percent unheat-treated, or anything. Okay, so a little bit of Frizz Ease, but come on! It didn't even really work. haha. Freakin humidity is a killer, guys. Er, ladies? At work is is forbidden to call a table of people, "guys". Women, apparently, are very offended by the use of that term. I had never really thought about it before. Being my age that's just how you're used to referring to people. But I don't really want to be called a guy either. So I guess they kind of have a point.

Oh, you wanted to know about my clothes, huh? haha. Uhm, I thrifted the dress and the shoes. Both VERY exciting finds. I loved the print and colors of the dress, but I don't do so well with empire waists, or babydoll dresses or whatever. So I had the brilliant idea to just cover that part up. With the most basic shirt I could find. haha. Whatever. I like it.

And the shoes? I am never able to find COOL shoes that actually fit me in thrift stores. My feet are too damn big. All the good shoes seem to be anywhere from a 5 to a 7. Like if your feet are any bigger than that, they can't pull off a cute shoe. Sheesh. I've worn size 9 since I can remember. I'm also pretty sure I've been 5'9" since 7th grade. haha. Talk about an awkward girl. Which is part of why I barely wear heels, anyway. I feel like I'm too tall. But I'm slowly getting more comfortable in them. I'm just not used to walking in them, so it's been an experience. hahah.

Shirt- Threads for Thought via Marshall's ($8!)/Dress- Thrifted ($4.50!)/Shoes- Thrifted ($6!)/Belt- Thrifted ($1!)/Beaded bracelet- Thrifted ($2!)

Holy crap. 4/5 items in my outfit where thrifted. Bringing the total to $21.50.
An entire outfit under THIRTY dollars, y'all. That's what I'm talkin about. :D

And now, because I no longer want to be called a "guy". My most lady-like curtsy. :]
See ya next time!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Secret is in the Shades.

This top makes me feel really girly. :] Is it the pink, the babydoll cut, or the flowers? I can't decide. I did decide that the middle part of the flowers is the perfect maroon to match the tee underneath. And I did decide that finding the t-shirt at a thrift store, and the flowery top at Plato's Closet for $3 makes for a wonderful, and cheap outfit. Which will most likely become a go-to for the still sweltering time ahead. It was cute, and great for a lazy day off. Oh, plus the shoes are my mom's. A.K.A.- Free. :D

T-Shirt- Thrifted/Top- Plato's Closet $3!/Shorts- Ross/Shoes (mom's)- Forever 21/Purse- Vera Bradley Thrifted
No, the bike is not mine. It's also my mother's. Neat, huh? Also, I don't know why but wearing tunic tops with short shorts has been my favorite thing to do this summer. I remember high school where the most I would show of my leg would be my calves under some capris. I still wore jeans 95 percent of the time, all summer long. Oh, and black t-shirts. Yes, I was one of those. lol!

I can't walk in heels to save my life. And these wedges have nearly killed me a couple of times. But I just love them sooo much! I can't let go. Also, they're really bad on my feet, and the balls of my feet already hurt just from walking in normal, flat shoes. Sheesh. Also, again, I just realized after going through these pictures, that my toenail polish matched my purse! hahah. Which brings me to my next point...

My awesome purse! I don't know how many of you are into Vera Bradley, but I freakin love her stuff, thanks to the influence from my best friend, Emiley. :] I had never seen a solid color one before. And this was found in a thrift store, marked ten bucks, and everything in the store was 75 percent off!!!! Can you believe that? I almost had a heart attack. I also found an Oscar de la Renta scarf. Come ON people. Man, I'm just revealing all my secrets today. haha. The real secret is in the shades, though. I love when I get compliments on them, because nobody knows where they came from. And I have the urge to tell you. Right here, right now. Okay.. I found them inside Dollar General. They were $3.50, including tax. They have lasted me forever. And go with everything, and I'm in love.

Friday, July 16, 2010

First Time For Everything?

So, I don't have any outfit photos to show at the moment.
But I've had something on my mind a lot, lately. And it's almost to the point of driving me crazy.
Yes, friends, I have been lusting. Over something that continues to elude me. I have never owned a pair, and so I'm still not quite sure how to style them. I really really would like to find some to buy. But it had been a long and strenuous process. And I have yet to achieve holding them lovingly in my hands. I'm talking about brogues, oxfords, whatever the proper term is. I still don't even really know. I just know I want some.

My searches have been fruitless so far. So to satisfy me for the moment I decided to try my hand at creating my first Polyvore set, focused around a pair of STEVEN by Steve Madden Women's Melin Oxford. This is what I would be able to wear in my perfect dream life, anyway. haha. I would prefer vintage, but if I can't find some soon, I'm just going to buy new. It's seriously a problem. haha.

Anyway.. here is my set!

Because they are a menswear type look, I decided to make everything else soft, flowy and girly.
I like the neutral colors and definitely the jewelry. Also, if you wanted to wear this into the cooler months, I threw in some interest with the loud blazer, and then some cable knit tights, or OTK socks to keep your legs warm. I don't know, I feel like I would really enjoy wearing something like this during the day. What do you think? Would you have gone down a different path the shoes?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Blues.

Don't worry, these aren't the sad "blues". Opposite, in fact. Or, well, kind of the awkward blues in these photos since I've fallen out of the loop and am feeling a little bit uncomfortable in front of the camera again. So I apologize in advance. haha. I'm trying to get back in the groove, and I thought this monochromatic look would be an easy, yet still interesting, way to stick my toe back into the blogging pool.

Top- Fox Riders Co from Ross/Pants- Anchor Blue from thrift store/Belt&Bracelet- Thrifted/Ring&Feather necklace- Forever 21/Blue Chain necklace- Walmart/Shoes(pictured below)- Wanted from Ross
Awkwardness, kick in here. hah. I was having the thought in my head that I should do something I've never done and attempt the jumping pose. But I figured I should include at least a couple full body shots. Others were taken, but we didn't account for sunlight and they didn't turn out quite as good. But that's okay. Thank you to Jonathan for taking these for me today! Thanks babe!
This is pre-jump pose pose. Don't ask why I must do the robot to prepare to jump, it just felt like the right thing to do.
Ahh. Summer. So carefree. That's part of why I've been absent. I'm lazy in hot weather. Lazy? I meant.. carefree. HAH! Plus I've been uninspired, bored, whatever. But I went to this local thrift store with Jonathan's mom. She volunteers there and told me about a huge sale they were having. Everything was 75 percent off, and clothes were $2 for however much you could shove in a bag. I got 2 bags. And quite a few things for 75 percent less than they were marked. That one little shopping trip ignited my flame, and here I am. She said they're restocking everything tomorrow. So it won't be on ridiculous sale, but everything will be fresh and there will be plenty to pick through, so I might have to make another trip. And then another when I can get 2 dollar clothes-bags. Most exciting day ever. Oh, that's how I acquired these pants, btw. I got some really exciting things that I cannot wait to show you!

Friday, July 9, 2010

On Motivation and the Art of Productivity.

Hey there.
I just wanted to let you all know that I am not dead.
I have just been hiding in a dark corner for a few weeks. I've been feeling.. shy? Unproductive, unmotivated, the opposite of creative. In a slump, I guess you could say. This early? Yes. I am not trying to be the biggest, best, brightest out there. But I got bogged down in what I felt were my own shortcomings. I don't spend a lot of time shopping, I love to shop, but I'm probably the most frugal person you would ever know. I don't feel like I have a lot of money to go toward clothing, even if they are thrifted or whatever. So I have been repeating outfits, and sliding back into the comfortable jean and t-shirt territory. Terrible, I know.

Plus, I have also been going through one of those "not enough hours in the day" spells. But when I look back at the past few weeks, I have spent my free time doing nothing productive, and just making excuses as to why I couldn't put on something worthwhile and snap a few quick shots. I have been lazy, mostly. So I apologize.

I realize there are only a few of you subscribed to this blog, and to those few I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. But I am not doing this for anyone except myself. And I realized that keeping up with this blog is something that has kept me occupied and happy and without it I have been miserable and bored. So, I went to this thrift store where Jonathan's mom volunteers at. They were having a massive sale, and let's just say I have a huge black trash bag sitting next to me with articles of clothing and accessories like you wouldn't believe.

My drive and excitement is back, and I can't wait to get involved again!