Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Secret is in the Shades.

This top makes me feel really girly. :] Is it the pink, the babydoll cut, or the flowers? I can't decide. I did decide that the middle part of the flowers is the perfect maroon to match the tee underneath. And I did decide that finding the t-shirt at a thrift store, and the flowery top at Plato's Closet for $3 makes for a wonderful, and cheap outfit. Which will most likely become a go-to for the still sweltering time ahead. It was cute, and great for a lazy day off. Oh, plus the shoes are my mom's. A.K.A.- Free. :D

T-Shirt- Thrifted/Top- Plato's Closet $3!/Shorts- Ross/Shoes (mom's)- Forever 21/Purse- Vera Bradley Thrifted
No, the bike is not mine. It's also my mother's. Neat, huh? Also, I don't know why but wearing tunic tops with short shorts has been my favorite thing to do this summer. I remember high school where the most I would show of my leg would be my calves under some capris. I still wore jeans 95 percent of the time, all summer long. Oh, and black t-shirts. Yes, I was one of those. lol!

I can't walk in heels to save my life. And these wedges have nearly killed me a couple of times. But I just love them sooo much! I can't let go. Also, they're really bad on my feet, and the balls of my feet already hurt just from walking in normal, flat shoes. Sheesh. Also, again, I just realized after going through these pictures, that my toenail polish matched my purse! hahah. Which brings me to my next point...

My awesome purse! I don't know how many of you are into Vera Bradley, but I freakin love her stuff, thanks to the influence from my best friend, Emiley. :] I had never seen a solid color one before. And this was found in a thrift store, marked ten bucks, and everything in the store was 75 percent off!!!! Can you believe that? I almost had a heart attack. I also found an Oscar de la Renta scarf. Come ON people. Man, I'm just revealing all my secrets today. haha. The real secret is in the shades, though. I love when I get compliments on them, because nobody knows where they came from. And I have the urge to tell you. Right here, right now. Okay.. I found them inside Dollar General. They were $3.50, including tax. They have lasted me forever. And go with everything, and I'm in love.

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casual ambiguity said...

heehee, once I found a vintage givenchy blouse at an op shop for some ridiculous price, less than $5I think. Granted, it's actually pretty ugly and I haven't found a way to style it yet, but no way was I passing that up!