Friday, July 16, 2010

First Time For Everything?

So, I don't have any outfit photos to show at the moment.
But I've had something on my mind a lot, lately. And it's almost to the point of driving me crazy.
Yes, friends, I have been lusting. Over something that continues to elude me. I have never owned a pair, and so I'm still not quite sure how to style them. I really really would like to find some to buy. But it had been a long and strenuous process. And I have yet to achieve holding them lovingly in my hands. I'm talking about brogues, oxfords, whatever the proper term is. I still don't even really know. I just know I want some.

My searches have been fruitless so far. So to satisfy me for the moment I decided to try my hand at creating my first Polyvore set, focused around a pair of STEVEN by Steve Madden Women's Melin Oxford. This is what I would be able to wear in my perfect dream life, anyway. haha. I would prefer vintage, but if I can't find some soon, I'm just going to buy new. It's seriously a problem. haha.

Anyway.. here is my set!

Because they are a menswear type look, I decided to make everything else soft, flowy and girly.
I like the neutral colors and definitely the jewelry. Also, if you wanted to wear this into the cooler months, I threw in some interest with the loud blazer, and then some cable knit tights, or OTK socks to keep your legs warm. I don't know, I feel like I would really enjoy wearing something like this during the day. What do you think? Would you have gone down a different path the shoes?

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