Thursday, July 29, 2010

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

But not really, I guess. Since you can't really tell what's going on in the picture. I was just too excited to had to post something! haha. This is a picture of a huuge pile of clothes on the bed!

What are they doing there? Where did they come from? How many items of clothing is it?

A: I was so happy after acquiring all these clothes that I poured them out onto the bed to show Jonathan, and maybe roll around in them just a little bit, like it was a big pile of money. (okay not really that last part)
B; They came from this great little resale shop that Jonathan's mom volunteers at. She told me they were having a sale where everything you can fit into a bag for ONE DOLLAR. Yes. A buck for a bag of clothing.
C; Well, I got two bags. haha. There's another layer underneath the top one and you don't see all the way to the edge of the pile because I couldn't get it all in there.

I have some fall-y things that I can't wait to wear, and of course some warm weather items also. This is Texas. Fall weather doesn't start for another few months still. :(
But yeah. I was really excited and wanted to share with you. :]

I will be back later with a regular outfit post. Not containing any new thrifted things, though. Those you'll just have to wait for. Muahahahah.

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