Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Pretty Pattern and Lots of Brown...

 First of all; I know what you're thinking. ANOTHER indoor picture session? Yes, you must endure my non-decorated wall for now. It's just the perfect spot for me right now.. Taking outfit photos by yourself in an apartment community is much more terrifying than I would have thought. There are way too many people out and about at all times, and I'm an awkward person. So unless I were to have Douglas with me, taking the pictures.. I wouldn't want to be out in public at the moment. Maybe soon I will get brave enough. Or maybe I will finally put a picture up right there or something, and you would appreciate it more. :)
Either way, right across from me are two big windows that let in lots of natural light, it's just the perfect spot for right now.
 Also, you're probably thinking that I should figure out something different to do with my arms once in awhile.. I'll work on it. haha.
So, anyway. I've been so drawn to black lately for some reason, that I forgot all about Fall's other favorite neutral: Brown! How did that happen? I don't know. Probably because I don't own even one pair of brown boots. It's true. And sad. Donate to my brown boots fund??? I did pull these neat little heels out of the trunk of my car (literally) to match with my outfit instead, though.

I'm not normally a heels person. I really wish I was, but my feet just cannot handle them. I'm actually wearing my house shoe moccasins right now instead, and thinking seriously about wearing them to class in a minute. The walk to and from my car earlier already killed me. Probably doesn't help that I have an extra 50 pounds on my back from my bag containing my laptop, books, folders, etc. I just love being a college student. :) haha. But I really like the texture of the shoes juxtaposed with the print of the dress, and the way they match the color of my tights perfectly. I was worried that would look a little weird, but I really love it.

Blah Blah.. red lipstick again.. blah blah.. hair needs a cut.. here's a necklace you've seen before. :) 

 Everything except my necklace and tights were thrifted.. The necklace is from Forever 21, and my tights are Vera Wang for Kohl's. I got them both a couple of years ago. :)

So one last ramble-y paragraph before I go.. Who's going to see Breaking Dawn at midnight?! Not me. :( I am going tomorrow evening after getting some school stuff done, though. I'm ridiculously excited.. but I will keep my less than enthusiastic opinions about Kristin Stewart to myself.. for now..
However, I will not be seeing Douglas at all tomorrow, pretty much.. so we're going out for a late date to a different movie tonight after my next class lets out. I'm pretty excited about that. Have a great night everyone!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Floral: From Summer to Fall

Earlier in the summer I bought this cute little dress, and I wore it almost every day. It's lightweight, comfortable, has great colors! I mean, I wore it all.the.time. I just wasn't blogging, then.. so I don't have any other pictures of it. haha. Anyway, I love it so much, I can't not wear it now that it's getting cooler. So I did what I've been doing for the last couple of weeks: added tights and a light cardigan, along with some new boots. :) New favorite outfit? Possibly. I didn't wear twice in one week, or anything.. 

You might remember this sweet little belt from posts past.. I got it last year at Christmas from one of Douglas' sisters. :) They already knew me so well. haha. I figured the butterfly fit right in with the floral, and since it gets dark so early now, I'm definitely not ready to give up color! The purple tights brought out all the right colors in this dress. I just love it! 

Also, I have been addicted to red lipstick. It might be an issue. But I might not care. And I've been going waayyy light on the accessories end.. I'm just.. not that into them right now. Plus, with the ruffled neck line I always feel weird about adding on a necklace. Maybe it's just me? 

And then... the boots. I love love love these boots! I got A's on my first three tests (now five!!) in school this semester, so I decided to treat myself.. I found these bad boys at Ross on sale for EIGHT DOLLARS. How is that even possible?? I've already gotten so much wear out of them.. they go with everything! Best purchase of the year, so far. If I end the semester with a 4.0 I'm buying myself a whole new outfit. :) One from a regular store, not the thrift store.. that's big for me! haha. Anyway.. 

outfit details:
Cardigan and Dress::Forever 21;;Tights::Not Sure?;;Boots::Found at Ross, I'll have to look up the brand later;;Belt::Christmas Gift

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kind of Dressed...

Hey, there. You thought I was gone forever. Well, I have never been very good at keeping up with this thing, but I'm gonna give it another go. :) While I've been not blogging.. I have been getting dressed, kind of. I've mostly been recycling old outfits that have already been posted here and I know work already. So.. I've been lazy. Unimaginative I guess you could say. But I'm bored with that, and I'm ready to start shaking things up again. :)

But I'm getting a slow start... haha.
 This kind of thing has been my go-to outfit. A dress, some tights (it's finally getting a bit chilly here in Texas), and some sort of jacket, cardigan, something. I don't have much time to think about it, really.. I work all the time, and when I'm not working.. I'm in school. But I use school as an excuse to get dressed up, so I just have to get back into the habit of taking time for pictures before heading out, I guess. :)

I will maybe find a more exciting backdrop for my photos sometime soon, until then.. get used to my blank wall. :) 
Oh, but now that we're in this new apartment I plan on having some decorating posts, AND... Here's my biggest news.. 
Douglas and I are engaged! :D!!! My ring is being resized right now, though.. so that's why I'm not showing it off in the pictures today. haha. We will be waiting awhile before the wedding, but I can start throwing in some wedding ideas here and there now, as well. :) I'm really excited about all of these new changes and what it will mean for this blog. I hope to be able to grow as a blogger and really throw my passion into this. 

Anyway! Another picture or two before I go... These are our Halloween costumes.. Can you guess who we were??

5 points to the correct person... :)
Also.. here is my amateur engagement photo I talked Douglas into taking with me..

Oh, I am one happy girl. <3

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day Late, A Dollar Short..

So, there have been a lot of changes in my life recently. Everything except for moving, bills, work and school has been put on the back burner. But yes, a lot of exciting changes! First of all, I apologize for the weird, indoor pictures as my return to blogging.. but they were taken inside of my new apartment that the boyfriend and I have moved into together. :) I really love it, and I was thinking about doing a few design posts when I actually get around to decorating this place. That won't be for a while, though.. and kind of depends on some other stuff that I'm going to go into later.. anyway!
So, the move.. buying a washer and dryer (and new laptop! yay!), working constantly, enrolling in school... Busy Busy Busy! My first class is tomorrow. I'm excited, and nervous. It's crazy.

So, enough about my weird life.. let's get back to bloggy stuff. hah. So, I curled my hair.. which I hardly ever do because it takes so stinkin' long! And, unless I use about a pound of hairspray, it never stays curled very long. But I really like the way it looked. So I was glad I spent the time on it. :) I'm also glad I finally got pictures of this outfit. My birthday was back in June, and Douglas took me for a very special date the day before (because we worked on my bday). There's a little place called Golightly's Antiques that has this cute little tea room in the back. And he had surprised me with a brunch that was all set up when we got there. :) It was the sweetest thing, and I cried pretty much all through the brunch..

But anyway. haha. After we ate we walked around and looked at all the neat stuff. We found this necklace that's a pocketwatch with a rose on it, which is my name, so I obviously love them. Douglas bought it for me, and then I found this beautiful vintage, gauzy skirt. It's so flowy and soft. I love it.

Okay, one last thing.. I've been seriously thinking about switching things up. I like the name "Megan Loves" for my blog, because although This is mostly a style blog, I feel like it gives me the freedom to write about anything that I love. And I have so many ideas, from decorating posts, to nutrition (what I'm going to school for) and fitness, make up, hair, crafts, etc. I just feel like it's a kind of boring name. I didn't really put a whole lot of thought into it before just jumping in. I feel like if I were to start over with a new name and everything, that I'm not so far into this, that it wouldn't be a terrible thing for me to do right now. So, I'm taking suggestions! I'm thinking of either thinking up a nother name that can be all encompassing, or.. starting a couple of different blogs with specific titles and pertaining to only one or two things each. What sounds like the best idea? I need help here, ladies! haha.

Top: Thrifted, Skirt: Vintage, Shoes: Mom's, Necklace: Birthday Gift

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stuck-in-my-Head Saturday

My song for this week is by a band called Umbrellas, they're actually from Norman, Oklahoma! Right by me. Well, not now since I'm living in Texas, but when I was still in Oklahoma. lol. Anyway! I love their sound, I've actually been able to see them live once, but mannn. They're good. haha. Anyway, this is their song that's been stuck in my head all day! Enjoy!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Long Skirt, Grey, and Gold..

This is a skirt I had thrifted last year, that when I asked in a poll on CHICtopia, I was told I should shorten it. Luckily I got the suggestion to use safety pins, so I didn't completely cut it short and hem it up. Now that longer lengths are in, I was able to take the pins out, iron it and style it up this way, again! :) I'm gonna put pictures at the bottom of the other times I've styled up this skirt. I need to start showing off my remixes, since like... all of my clothes are remixed. haha.
Isn't the belt beautiful? :) It was a Christmas present from one of Douglas' sisters. They got me some pretty awesome stuff.  I just can't believe this is the first time I've worn this for a blog post. I also have an awesome clutch that should get a showcase pretty soon. It was my first time to meet either of them, and it's like they already knew me. lol. So keeping with the gold-look of the butterfly I wore a necklace you've seen a hundred times, and a gold cuff I had gotten from the thrift store not too long ago. I think I paid about.. ohh.. thirty cents for it. :]
My shoes are actually new, though! I went to Target looking for black pants for work, got frustrated and bought myself these instead. Much better purchase. They were on sale for $15 and I think they're beautiful. I just wish I could've gotten a better picture. The lighting just makes the coloring look all weird. But I love them. They're suede, and of course I bought them on a rainy day, and of course it rained for another two days. I was so excited to get to put them on today!!
Top: Zine from Zumiez/Skirt: Thrifted/Belt:Christmas gift/Necklace: Forever 21/Cuff: Thrifted/Shoes: Merona from Target
Okay, I think I've rambled on long enough, here. This next week will be a little crazy, I'm finishing my last week at my current job, and training at night for my neewwww job! It's not what I was wanting to leave my current place for (I'll still be serving at a restaurant). But I feel like it's a better place for me, and I'll be happier there while I'm still lookin for something different to do. I do have a certain post in the works that will be up this week, there just won't be any outfit photos I'm sure. Happy Monday, everyone! I hope this week is a good one.

Skirt Remix:

Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Stuck-in-my-Head Saturday"

I don't know how many of you have done this; woken up and instantly had a song stuck in your head? Douglas told me I was weird. haha. But this happens to me all the time. The other morning it was "I Try" by Macy Gray. Luckily I had something a little different pop in there this morning. Say Anything is a pretty well-known band, I think. They are one of my absolute favorites. I can't help it. I think Max Bemis writes miracles. hah. This song is off of their newest self-titled, and I think it's just beautiful, and haunting, and sweet all at the same time. Give it a listen. :]
What songs have been stuck in your head lately? I love learning about and discovering new bands and songs. I always have something stuck in there, so it helps to be able to switch it up now and then. Have a great weekend!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fashion Beauty Friend Friday: Outside Influences.

Hey, all! This is my first week to finally participate in the FBFF question answering. Most of you know what that is, already, but for those of you who don't, you can check out Modly Chic for more info! :]

1.      What magazines do you subscribe to? 
I only have an actual subscription to Glamour, which was taken over by me from my mom. haha. But I read Cosmo regularly and of course go through Vogue, InStyle, ELLE, etc. Oh! and INDIE, the online independent style mag where I even first LEARNED about style bloggers! 

2.      Do you watch any fashion TV shows? 
I like What Not To Wear, Project Runway, Rachel Zoe Project.. 

3.      Beyond blogs, what websites do you frequent for fashion 
Well, I get daily e-mails from StyleCaster, and Splendora, I browse through users on CHICtopia, and from there it's just whatever I google, and wherever that takes me. haha. 

4.      Advertisements play a huge role in forming public opinion about a 
product or brand… what ads do you like and why? 

I don't know, really. I like clean and simple as a rule for most things, Apple usually has really good commercials for their products, even though I don't own any of them. haha. The H&M commercials always get my attention, but then they make me sad since there's not one near me. :( 

5.      Do you own any fashion books? 
I actually don't, really. I have a couple of random beauty/style rule/makeup type books that I've picked up at thrift stores. But that's about it. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Insert Title Here..

I'm goin' casual today. And you'll have to forgive me, this is my super sick face. So, not much enthusiasm going on. I woke up with a ridiculously sore throat and a runny nose. Summer colds are not my favorite. :( But I put on some clothes, anyway, and took my grandma out to dinner for a late Mother's Day. :) 
I know this doesn't look like a very warm-weather outfit, even though it's like, 88 degrees still after 8 p.m. Earlier in the day I was sans cardi, and had shorts instead of jeans. But I get cold everywhere I go, so I had to cover up a little bit before going to the restaurant. 
This necklace is really the whole reason behind my outfit, and why I forced myself to take pictures through my sickness and ridiculously full tummy. Too.Much.Seafood! hah. Anyway, I got this in the mail today, from my best friend, Amanda! She's so sweet. :) I seriously need new jewelry. That's why I haven't really worn any in any of my posts, I'm afraid I've already worn out everything I have. Time to start stocking up. But thank you again my dear for this lovely gem of a necklace. :) I will wear it TONS. I love that it's pretty on both sides. 
Besides the necklace, my favorite part of the outfit is actually the part you can't see...
The back of my top! haha. It's such a neat and unexpected detail. So pretty. :)

So, anyway. I hope everyone had a good Monday (is there such a thing?). I have a date tonight with the rest of this Water for Elephants book, a warm bath, and my Theraflu. Ahhh. 
Cardigan- Forever 21 (2 for $10!)/Purple Tank- ?/White Tank- Ross probably/Jeans- Empyre from Zumiez (On sale for $10!)/Shoes- TOMS (Christmas gift card from grandma)/Necklace- MY BFF! :D/Purse- Goodwill ($4!)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Shorts and Sweet..

You know when you have one of those days where you just wanna throw on some jeans and a t-shirt and call it a day? Well I had a whole.. *counts days from last post* well, over 2 weeks of those days. Oops. The weather has been crap, and you know.. insert other excuses here. haha. Anyway. 
I don't think I've ever worn this top before, it's of course, another thrifted find. I really liked the pattern with the texture of the shorts. However, the shirt was a liiiittle too short and I had to keep tucking it in all night. Win some, lose some. I guess it's not a very festive outfit, but this is what I wore yesterday on Cinco de Mayo. Douglas and I went out to dinner with Mary and Andrew at a local Mexican restaurant, then we all came back and watched Due Date. Nothing spectacular, but it was a great night. :) Did any of do anything special last night? 

Top- Eddie Bauer thrifted/Shorts and Necklace-Forever 21/Shoes-Wanted

Monday, April 18, 2011

I Like Your Sleeves...

First of all, I love this skirt. Second of all, I love these shoes. Third of all, this top cost me one dollar. :) 
Yep, true story. I decided to check out a little resale shop I had never been to, and this beauty was on the sale rack. I got another Banana Republic top, and the Apt 9 dress that was in my last outfit post. It was a nice place, but because everything was designer/name brand it was a little more expensive than I care for. I'm kind of cheap. haha. 
And, that's about it! haha. Short and sweet. I kept this very simple because it was 93 degrees today. Yes, in April. I shudder at the thought of June, July, and.. ughh.. August. This summer is going to be interesting. Plus, I had an interview! :] I wanted something that looked nice, but also showed that I dress a little funky.I feel really good about how it went. I guess we'll just wait and see though! I just really want to move on from where I am. 
Top- Banana Republic Thrifted ($1!)/Skirt- Forever 21 ($21.50)/Shoes- Payless ($20)/Necklace- Forever 21/Belt- Thrifted ($2!)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Special: Cruelty-Free Drugstore Finds..

Hey guys! I don't believe that I've ever done a non-outfit post. but I'm really wanting to branch out a little bit, and I have quite a few ideas under my belt. This being the first of them! I don't know if I'll keep the non-outfits to just Saturday, or switch it around, or if I'll even have posts for every week, yet. I guess we'll just see! Anyway.. I wanted to start out with this topic because I've always been a passionate gal. I once told my mom not to leave the water running when she brushes her teeth, because if we use up all the water, there won't be any left for the whales in the ocean!

In college I had to write an essay, and do an oral presentation, and I got to choose any topic I wanted! So I did a lot of research on animal testing done by cosmetics companies and it hit me pretty hard. I boycotted any companies that still did it, and I passed out fliers to all my friends (and strangers) and showed a pretty intense video as part of my oral presentation. As time went on, I kind of fell away from that. I got lazy, and just bought whatever I could afford, or sounded good. Not too long ago, however, I got the bug again. And I decided to re-commit myself to buying cruelty-free. I did a lot of research, because.. yeah.. You can find plenty of more expensive makeup brands that don't test on animals, but I don't necessarily have that kind of cash flow coming in all the time. So I need something that will satisfy my pockets and my morals. Here's a few brands that I've found, the products I most enjoy from them, and what I think about their performance.

                                    Physician's Formula                                                                 Revlon

It's kind of sad, but out of all the actual make up brands that are sold in drugstores/Target/WalMart or wherever.. The Revlon/Almay company and Physician's Formula are the only ones that don't test on animals. Luckily they have REALLY great products!! I love the ColorStay foundation because it lasts long, have SPF right in it, and it covers really well. Which is important for a girl like me with not-so-perfect skin. Their PhotoReady makeup is awesome as well, it has a light shimmer to it, that doesn't look glittery at all, but reflects light in a beautiful way. For powder I like the Physician's Formula Mineral Wear because it's light, but sets my makeup, and keeps the oil to a minimum without feeling cakey or blocking my pores. Both brands also have blush, eyeshadow, lipsticks, everything you could possible need at great prices, and everything I've tried has looked really nice. :) 

Like I said earlier, I have some problem skin. I have tried everything on the market. Seriously. I was at the point where I was going to just give up and go to the doctor for it. However, I decided to give this scrub from Burt's Bees a shot, since it's all natural and of course, cruelty-free, whereas most face washes and stuff are made by companies who do test their products on animals. I have to say, I LOVE this stuff! It has a kind of weird smell, but it's not strong. .it's just an obvious "natural" smell. But it makes my skin feel reallyyyy soft, and I have not had any major breakouts since using this. I do have a pimple on my chin right now, but I got lazy and haven't washed my face properly. I should do that tonight. I would say, though, that it's a pretty thick scrub, and isn't super great at actually removing your makeup. But Almay makes these awesome wipes that remove all of your makeup, mascara and all, easily and gently. I would recommend using one of those before washing your face with the scrub. 

I just recently found this moisturizer, but I'm really diggin' it. It's all-natural like the Burt's Bees stuff, and it can be used on your face or body. This specific one has Alpha Hydroxy Acids which are found in fruits and cane sugar. The acids help the turnover of cells speed up, so that you're getting a great exfoliation and unblocking pores, and allowing the new skin cells to grow. This is a very important thing for girls with problem skin, and everyone, really. Exfoliation is necessary! This is just a wonderful way to do it naturally and keep your skin looking great!

For my shower time...  TRESemme makes some WONDERFUL hair products! They have every kind of shampoo and conditioner you could possibly need, plus mousses, hairspray, even dry shampoo. I haven't tried that, yet. But I definitely plan on it. I was using Aussie for awhile, but they're not cruelty-free, so I found out Tresemme was and made the switch. The bottles were about a dollar more, each, than what I was using.. but they're huge bottles! For a dollar more, I got almost twice the product! Totally worth it. 

St. Ives is my favorite company for buying body washes. They're luxurious, and there's every kind you could think of. Right now, I'm using the Energizing Citrus, and I just love the smell. Their products are ALSO all-natural, and they have face products, lotions, and of course the body wash, everything you could ever need, and I would stand behind every single one of their products. :) 

The last thing on my list, is something that I bought out of necessity, and then was happily surprised to find out that it wasn't tested on animals! It hadn't even crossed my mind to think about my shaving cream, mostly because I don't normally use it. I had gotten spoiled by Schick Intuition. The razors with the big bar of cream right around the blades. I think their company might be owned by Proctor-Gamble, though. Which is a no-no for me. Plus the replacement blades are pretty darn expensive. So, in a pinch.. I ran to the Dollar General of all places to pick up some throw-away razors and just bought the cheapest cream, which just so happened to be this. It wasn't until I had used it for about a week that I thought to read the back of the can.. and there it was. "This product not tested on animals". I was so excited! And even though using the old standard cream from a can takes a bit longer than my old razors with it built in, I think it's worth it. And this cream is perfect for my extremely sensitive legs. They get dried out easily, and I haven't had that problem with this stuff. :]

So, there it is! What do you think? Is animal testing something you care about? Could you ever commit to buying only cruelty-free cosmetics?? Or do you just buy whatever you are drawn to? Either way is fine with me. I'm no longer a crusader, I just choose to buy these because it's what I like. And the products just happen to be great quality. It's a win-win in my book! Have a great weekend!