Monday, May 9, 2011

Insert Title Here..

I'm goin' casual today. And you'll have to forgive me, this is my super sick face. So, not much enthusiasm going on. I woke up with a ridiculously sore throat and a runny nose. Summer colds are not my favorite. :( But I put on some clothes, anyway, and took my grandma out to dinner for a late Mother's Day. :) 
I know this doesn't look like a very warm-weather outfit, even though it's like, 88 degrees still after 8 p.m. Earlier in the day I was sans cardi, and had shorts instead of jeans. But I get cold everywhere I go, so I had to cover up a little bit before going to the restaurant. 
This necklace is really the whole reason behind my outfit, and why I forced myself to take pictures through my sickness and ridiculously full tummy. Too.Much.Seafood! hah. Anyway, I got this in the mail today, from my best friend, Amanda! She's so sweet. :) I seriously need new jewelry. That's why I haven't really worn any in any of my posts, I'm afraid I've already worn out everything I have. Time to start stocking up. But thank you again my dear for this lovely gem of a necklace. :) I will wear it TONS. I love that it's pretty on both sides. 
Besides the necklace, my favorite part of the outfit is actually the part you can't see...
The back of my top! haha. It's such a neat and unexpected detail. So pretty. :)

So, anyway. I hope everyone had a good Monday (is there such a thing?). I have a date tonight with the rest of this Water for Elephants book, a warm bath, and my Theraflu. Ahhh. 
Cardigan- Forever 21 (2 for $10!)/Purple Tank- ?/White Tank- Ross probably/Jeans- Empyre from Zumiez (On sale for $10!)/Shoes- TOMS (Christmas gift card from grandma)/Necklace- MY BFF! :D/Purse- Goodwill ($4!)


Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) said...

That necklace is the best thing ever:)

Katie said...

Love the purple peeking out!