Friday, August 8, 2014

I guess I can try this again.

My last post on here was titled "Last Post Ever"

I lied. Apparently.

It's still a possibility that I will be starting over with a completely new blog somewhere... but I've been feeling the style blogging itch, so I decided to dip my toe back in with a few basic pictures. Please be kind, it's been awhile. haha

This is a pretty simple look, it's been so stinking hot here in Texas, I haven't been putting a whole lot into my style, anyway.
Not to mention the fact that I work at a gym, so I'm living in yoga pants, tennis shoes, ponytails... Not a lot I can do about that.
But, school is starting soon, and the weather will start calming down (hopefully), so I'll have a reason to put a little more thought into my clothes. But like I said, this is kind of a test-run. :)

The top I found at a local thrift store. I just so happened to show up on a day they were having a huge 50% off all clothing sale. So, I got this for about $1.50. Not too shabby.

The jeans came from the clearance rack at Target.
And the shoes are also from a clearance rack at DSW. Impulse buy. But I love them. :)

The necklace was also a clearance find (imagine that) at Charming Charlie, and the ring is an oldie from Forever 21. 
Oh, I am also wearing my FitBit Flex. Decided not to take it off just for the pictures, I wear it every day with every outfit, anyway. So I figured it made sense to just leave it. I'll be doing a post regarding activity and calorie trackers. So, you can be on the lookout for that, as well. :)

Okay, I thank you for indulging me, but I have a ton of housework to do.
Time to crank some Spice Girls (I heard Spice World is now streaming on Netflix!) and get to work!!