Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lazy, Hazy, Last Days of Summer.

These pictures are less about what I'm actually wearing, and more about experimentation. Every post I've made so far has had pictures taken in either my backyard, or the ex's. I would really like to branch out a little bit and start finding some new scenery. So, a few days ago I finally decided to get some exercise, and jog down this walking trail that runs right by my house. On my little trip I found this awesome dock, 2 years and I never knew this place existed. haha. So I decided to put on something pretty normal looking since this would be my first time taking outfit photos with other people walking past me and stuff. Baby steps. haha. 

This was October 1st, technically. And yes, it was still 80 degrees out. I love Texas. lol. It has cooled down some since then, but it's still getting pretty warm during the day, and then dropping down enough in the evenings to put on some tights and a cardigan! and I'm super excited about that. My teeth were actually chattering last night. Although I was told it wasn't really that cold. haha. I have thin skin, I guess. :) 

One of the best things, I think, is the view of this water park. I thought it fit the whole "end of summer" theme very nicely. 

Nothing in this outfit is especially unique, but I did want to take a second to tell you about my necklace. I went to this thing in Grapevine, TX called Grapefest. It was really cool. They have lots of wine and beer, and good food, music, and lots of artists had tents and booths set up, and we even walked through a little art gallery where all the artists were hanging out and talking to us about their work. It was completely amazing. Being the bad blogger that I am, I have no pictures. haha. But I did get this necklace. It was from a company called Tiles Across Texas. They had beautiful mosaics, and all sorts of stuff. So when I saw this and saw that it was only 12 bucks, I had to get it. haha.
Not only have I been to Grapefest... but I think I've been doing way more things now than I ever have. Life has been wonderfully busy. My friend Doug is actually in the process of seeing 31 bands during the month of October. So I've been busy helping him with that. So far we're at 6, by the 5th of the month. Not too bad, I'd say.
Last night was definitely my favorite show. The bands were Drew Andrews, and then Spooky Folk. Two bands I will definitely recommend to EVERYONE. I have a couple of videos from last night..Blogger won't let me upload them apparently. Oh well. I'm sure they have myspaces. actually.. I know Spooky Folk's is myspace.com/kaleok

Do yourself a favor and get acquainted. :)

Okay. This has been long enough, I think.
Let's all say goodbye to Summer. And hello to Fall. And hope that life just continues to get better and better.