Monday, May 16, 2011

Long Skirt, Grey, and Gold..

This is a skirt I had thrifted last year, that when I asked in a poll on CHICtopia, I was told I should shorten it. Luckily I got the suggestion to use safety pins, so I didn't completely cut it short and hem it up. Now that longer lengths are in, I was able to take the pins out, iron it and style it up this way, again! :) I'm gonna put pictures at the bottom of the other times I've styled up this skirt. I need to start showing off my remixes, since like... all of my clothes are remixed. haha.
Isn't the belt beautiful? :) It was a Christmas present from one of Douglas' sisters. They got me some pretty awesome stuff.  I just can't believe this is the first time I've worn this for a blog post. I also have an awesome clutch that should get a showcase pretty soon. It was my first time to meet either of them, and it's like they already knew me. lol. So keeping with the gold-look of the butterfly I wore a necklace you've seen a hundred times, and a gold cuff I had gotten from the thrift store not too long ago. I think I paid about.. ohh.. thirty cents for it. :]
My shoes are actually new, though! I went to Target looking for black pants for work, got frustrated and bought myself these instead. Much better purchase. They were on sale for $15 and I think they're beautiful. I just wish I could've gotten a better picture. The lighting just makes the coloring look all weird. But I love them. They're suede, and of course I bought them on a rainy day, and of course it rained for another two days. I was so excited to get to put them on today!!
Top: Zine from Zumiez/Skirt: Thrifted/Belt:Christmas gift/Necklace: Forever 21/Cuff: Thrifted/Shoes: Merona from Target
Okay, I think I've rambled on long enough, here. This next week will be a little crazy, I'm finishing my last week at my current job, and training at night for my neewwww job! It's not what I was wanting to leave my current place for (I'll still be serving at a restaurant). But I feel like it's a better place for me, and I'll be happier there while I'm still lookin for something different to do. I do have a certain post in the works that will be up this week, there just won't be any outfit photos I'm sure. Happy Monday, everyone! I hope this week is a good one.

Skirt Remix:


Nav said...

Did I tell you how much I love your skirt>? Its so pretty and I am happy you wear it Megan.

Also, on a total random though t- you are 15th Megan I know :P told you its random.

Also thank you for leaving such a sweet comment on my Happy Mothers day post! You are so sweet!!

xo Nav

sartoriography said...

This outfit is fantastic! I love the colors and, as one addicted to floral midis, I'm a huge of the skirt.