Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thrift Genius!

Oh, hey. This is easy summer wear. White tee, full skirt (really an empire waisted dress), cute and comfy heels. Oh, and completely unstyled hair. 100 percent unheat-treated, or anything. Okay, so a little bit of Frizz Ease, but come on! It didn't even really work. haha. Freakin humidity is a killer, guys. Er, ladies? At work is is forbidden to call a table of people, "guys". Women, apparently, are very offended by the use of that term. I had never really thought about it before. Being my age that's just how you're used to referring to people. But I don't really want to be called a guy either. So I guess they kind of have a point.

Oh, you wanted to know about my clothes, huh? haha. Uhm, I thrifted the dress and the shoes. Both VERY exciting finds. I loved the print and colors of the dress, but I don't do so well with empire waists, or babydoll dresses or whatever. So I had the brilliant idea to just cover that part up. With the most basic shirt I could find. haha. Whatever. I like it.

And the shoes? I am never able to find COOL shoes that actually fit me in thrift stores. My feet are too damn big. All the good shoes seem to be anywhere from a 5 to a 7. Like if your feet are any bigger than that, they can't pull off a cute shoe. Sheesh. I've worn size 9 since I can remember. I'm also pretty sure I've been 5'9" since 7th grade. haha. Talk about an awkward girl. Which is part of why I barely wear heels, anyway. I feel like I'm too tall. But I'm slowly getting more comfortable in them. I'm just not used to walking in them, so it's been an experience. hahah.

Shirt- Threads for Thought via Marshall's ($8!)/Dress- Thrifted ($4.50!)/Shoes- Thrifted ($6!)/Belt- Thrifted ($1!)/Beaded bracelet- Thrifted ($2!)

Holy crap. 4/5 items in my outfit where thrifted. Bringing the total to $21.50.
An entire outfit under THIRTY dollars, y'all. That's what I'm talkin about. :D

And now, because I no longer want to be called a "guy". My most lady-like curtsy. :]
See ya next time!


casual ambiguity said...

love the skirt!

and omg, if I found shoes like that, which FIT ME at a thrift shop, I might just die. lucky girl!

Nancy said...

Where do you go to Thrift by the lb? I can't find them in SoCal... super sad.