Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Basics

I think I've worn probably about 20 different variations of this outfit. Just keeping the skirt and the white tank the two staples. And this is the first time I've finally gotten around to photographing it. This has definitely been my go-to combo for the summer. It's easy, cute, breezy and not too over-done. I really freakin' love it. I know everyone has their own favorite go-to outfit. Probably at least one for every season you experience, right?

I really love the way these photos came out, thank you Jonathan! He spent a long time outside with me to get these captured. And I really appreciate it. We also had a lot of fun! This next photo is me having to turn away because I'm laughing so hard at his "photographer directions". haha. "okay, now you're waving! You just saw someone walk in and you wave to her! Okay, walk like an egyptian! Oh, now you're crying! You're crying! Keep your eyes open! Stand up straight!"
lol. It was so hilarious. As you can see...

Ah, this was a relaxing day off. I'm actually editing these photos and putting together this blog post while I drink a nice, refreshing glass of Riuniti Lambrusco. Now, I am definitely no wine expert. Although I wish I were. Which is why I decided to try this. I've only had white zins, and a riesling before. And I figured the Lambrusco would be a good intro to a red. I hope to get more into it, and learn about all the different kinds and really find my own wine niche, if you will. Maybe that would be a good idea for future bloggy stuff. :]

Hat- Forever 21/Blue Tank- Zine from Zumiez ($FREE! it was a buy one get one free sale!)/White Tank- Forever 21 ($6!)/Skirt- Forever 21/Belt,Necklace,Ring- Forever 21/Shoes- Wanted from Ross ($10!)

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Shelby Strange said...

Ack! You are so pretty! I love your style and your pictures are adorable. I hope Texas is treating you well! :)