Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Sun.

I want to warn you. This is a pretty photo-heavy post today. Jonathan finally was able to get a DSLR! :] I'm very happy and excited for him (and for me, too! haha). So today was our first shot at it. A few are still blurry.. he's still figuring everything out. But I think they came out really well! So thank you very much Jonathan for taking these for me today with your fancy new camera. :D

I'm going to try to break some of this up with text. Although I'm still not sure if I really want to, or not. haha. I'm seriously an indecisive person. It drives everyone crazy! Sorry! I wanted to interject about this outfit a little bit, though. Not my crazy. So I figured I should tell you something amazing. Both the rose print top and the khaki shorts cost me about $0.10 each! Really! This amazing thrift store I've mentioned a couple of times before has these "Put as much as you can into a bag and we'll sell it to you for a dollar" sales. And they're freakin amazing! Last time I got about 20 items of clothing for $2.17. And it's good stuff! Blazer, vintage tops, jean jacket, jean skirt, tank tops, t-shirts, slacks, linen pants. Oh my gosh! I have soo many goodies to show off! hahah.

The only bad thing about the photos is that all of the full length shots were a bit blurry. But that's okay. :) I also feel like there should be an obligatory comment about the weather. So here it is.. IT'S FREAKIN HOT! haha. Every single day of August has been over one hundred degrees. With heat indexes at like, 110. Texas is ridiculous, y'all.
Vest tank- Ross/Rose Print Tank- Thrifted ($0.10!)/Shorts- Thrifted ($0.10!)/Belt- Thrifted ($1!)/Shoes- Wanted from Ross ($10!)/Clear Bracelets- Thirfted/Peace Bracelet- Zumiez/White Bracelet- Young Between the Fallen

If you didn't notice the link above, I had to draw your attention to it. Young Between the Fallen is a nonprofit organization that some kids I work with started up, and I am helping out also. Their mission is to give all children the opportunity to succeed in school and beyond. Especially children affected by a family that uses drugs and/or alcohol. I won't get too deep into it here, but I'd really appreciate if you would check them out. There's also a Facebook page where you can find them. The website isn't completely finished, but some testimonies, including mine, are up. And there will be a store soon. As soon as I'm done setting it up. haha. T-shirts, bracelets, etc will be available for sale to go toward school supplies and other needs. Thanks guys!

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