Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mmm, Cheesy Grease-burgers.

Vest, Top- Ross/Jeans- Hydraulic (also Ross)/Belt- Goodwill $1/Shoes- Toms/Necklace- Christmas Gift from Jonathan

Easy-Breezy&Simple has been the description for my wardrobe as of late, I apologize for the unintended hiatus, but (here come the excuses!) my allergies have been on the WAR PATH, the weather has been so up and down, and honestly, I've just been consumed with other things. Those other things may be, but are not limited to: The Twilight Saga (including Midnight Sun. Swoon), beginning my very own fiction novel (more info in the future, I'm sure), and just plain laziness. Hey, I'm human.

I also wanted to point out that although the sky is blue, and the sun is bright, I was FREEZING during these photos. haha. I just don't understand how it's over 80 degrees from noon to 6, and then it's in the forties! What?

Oh! Uhmm, outfit? Okay. It's pretty simple.. I had a little bit of layering action going on, wearing my new favorite jeans. And of course TOMS, best shoes ever made. hah. I also decided to blog-debut the topknot that you've seen around on other gals. I've been wearing it to work, with and without bangs, in lieu of a plain ponytail. Also, I'm in love love love with this belt. $1?! Yes ma'am. Who doesn't love some Goodwill action? I have some other great finds I'll be sharing with you very soon. I need to get a regular thrifting day into action.

My title? Oh, my uncle always thought he was very clever with his term of "cheesy grease-burgers" referring to fast food meals. And even though I would politely laugh, and think it was just mostly corny, that has stuck in my mind all of my life. So after finishing one from Wendy's, I thought it would be appropriate. I really shouldn't eat so much fast food. I feel so bad about it, especially after watching that factory farming documentary last night. Eesh. Cooking is just not a possibility right now. Is there any healthy option when you're not able to use a kitchen? I'd really like to know!

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