Friday, April 30, 2010

Blue Collar Copycat

Have you seen Kyla from Blue Collar Catwalk? She's one of my original inspirations behind starting this blog, and I've been loving her spring wardrobe. She keeps it casual, but still looks totally put together and when I found these pants of my mom's I instantly thought of her! I even went all the way with my gladiator sandals. :]

I must admit, however, that Kyla does don some pants that I don't think I could pull off, so these are a little more of a tame version, but I really loved wearing this. It was perfect for the warm weather (In the 80s!!) and oh so comfortable.
I found this shirt yesterday at Walmart for 5 bucks, dude. I just love deals like that. And I can guarantee it will be worked into many outfits to come. So be ready! haha.

P.S. I really need to trim my fringe. I might do that
Okay, after I finish this, anyway.

Shirt- Norma Kamali from Walmart $5, Pants- My mom's, Shoes- Dollhouse from Ross, Top Necklace- Gift from Jonathan, Longer Necklace- Forever 21, Belt- Goodwill $1


Kyla said...

I LOVE this! That tank top is so cool. I've been lusting for something exactly like for sooo long. Gah!

See what happens when we step outside of our boxes? Awesome things happen :)

casual ambiguity said...

super cute! just looked through all your posts and this is definately one of my favourite outfits!