Thursday, February 25, 2010

Let's start at the beginning..

Well, hello there.

I guess I should start off by saying welcome! This is my very first blog post. Well, in a very long time at least. I first got started in the world of blogging (before I even knew what that was) by using my old Xanga in high school. Ah how times have changed.

I've been really interested in reading other lovely ladies' personal style and life blogs and have been very moved and inspired to take the leap and make my own. A few of you wonderful gals who have offered me inspiration have received comments from me by now, so I'll stop just lurking from now on. haha. And if you by chance took the time to check out this little silly blog of mine, then thank you! I know nothing blooms overnight, and I am more than ready to put some time, work and effort into this little project.

I hope some of you will become interested and maybe start to follow my journey as it's documented from here on out.

However, for my very first post I'd like to take it back for a moment. I'm going to introduce you to me going from past to present, and then I am hoping you
will continue with me as my future unfolds in front of me.

Since this will be a personal style and life (lifestyle?) blog, I'm going to take you through some old pictures and memories real quick. I promise to try to not type quite so much so you don't get bored on me.
In high school I was definitely an "emo" kid :

I'm on the left.

and then on the right.

and this is me, in all of my hot pink hair glory. Thank you.

who later turned more "scene", and tried to hold on to that coolness after graduating:

I'm on the left. Girl on the right is Emiley, my best friend all through high school, and beyond. More about her at a later time.

then I kind of gave up for awhile and just dressed however. Now that I'm a couple of years into my twenties and I'm really starting to LIVE, I want to have a style about me that I'm comfortable in, looks nice, and can help me grow from a young adult into a lady and someday a real woman. hah.

All of the previous pictures were taken in Oklahoma, my home state. I know reside in Texas after moving to come stay with my mom and grandma in November of 2008. Although this was supposed to be temporary, I've made this my new home.

I currently work as a server in a major restaurant chain in a suburb outlying Ft Worth, and am dating the most wonderful man.

Here are some post-move pictures now.

A picture of me and the boyfriend. <3 Taken in Feb 09.

So, that's basically me in pictures from high school up until this point. I already don't look like any of these newest pictures, so I plan on having a post for you by tomorrow to catch you up on my most current life.

If you took the time to read this, then THANK YOU. And if you actually take the time to leave comments, I will be flabbergasted, and completely flattered, and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

As I get more comfortable, and less awkward I hope to make this blog a pleasant experience for both me and you.

Check back tomorrow if you are interested in continuing this journey with me.
Thank you!

-Megan Rose

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