Friday, February 26, 2010

One Step at a Time

Here begins the first stages of my blogging, thus producing mass amounts of awkwardness.

First picture taken by the boyfriend of me (for the purpose of this blog).
Feel free to let out a chuckle.

Please bear with me as I become comfortable in front of a camera, and as my boyfriend becomes more comfortable behind it. I want to start by thanking him profusely for playing photographer for me yesterday, and hopefully for more days to come!

I started yesterday by giving a brief overview of my personal history, and now today I plan on catching you up with my life as of now.

For my first outfit I chose something that is classic, casual, and pretty simple. Those are adjectives you could almost always use to describe me. Plus, it contains a few of my favorite things that I want to introduce you to.

First, that grey sweater. I incorporate it into many of my daily outfits, so be ready to get tired of it.

Second: This necklace.. I don't accesorize very well, which is a goal of this blog; forcing me to learn how to. But this necklace you will almost always see around my neck. It was a Christmas '09 present from the boy. The charms are a grenade and a heart. It will make more sense to you as you grow to know about us.

Next would be the sunglasses. They cost 6 bucks, and are made of plastic. The sides say "Shake Junt" which is a skateboarding related company. Definitely inspired by my boyfriend. They just have that perfect shape to them, and they add a little bit of edge to any outfit.

More favorites will be popping up soon.

Sweater- Hollister via N Style second hand shop/Skirt- Forever 21/
Tights- Forever 21/Shoes-American Eagle Payless

I'm excited to be getting this blog rolling! Basically, I like the creativity of something like this, it's exactly what I need in my life.
Plus I want somewhere to record important times in my life, have a timeline of my personal style, and a document of my failures and acheivements.

Life is worth living, and I don't want to forget anything.

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SomedayNewYorker said...

I love those tights. Winter florals need to be used more often.