Friday, June 4, 2010


I have to say, I'm pretty sure this is one of my favorite outfits so far this summer. I know it just started, but I've worn this twice already. haha. I even got a compliment from Jonathan on it, and I was pretty surprised. I didn't think this would be something he would like. So it's a double wammy of favoritism. Gotta love that! :] I will admit that the first time I wore it was a much simpler version, i didn't own the hat or necklaces yet. But I bought them all with this exact thing in mind. And I'm sooo happy with the way it turned out!
It's a fairly preppy look, so I feel like the lace and accessories make it a little less traditional. The chain necklace I had been spying at WalMart every time I went, but I didn't want to pay the measly six dollars for it. I'm so cheap! lol. But this last time I went, it was on sale for three bucks!! I definitely couldn't pass it up then. Then the feather necklace came from a birthday shopping trip Jonathan took me on yesterday. I spent some money in Forever 21 on some other things you'll be seeing pretty soon also. :] Oh, that's where I also got the hat. I love birthdays! (Mine isn't until the 11th, but he'll be out of town so we're celebrating early.) Next is sushi!! And then when he comes home we'll finally be going to Movie Tavern. I've never been and I'm so excited! hahah.
P.S.- I got to see my best friend tonight!!! Emiley, I'm so so so glad we got to have an in-person conversation for the first time in almost 2 years. This outfit isn't from tonight, but I'm too excited to not tell everyone until I get to that outfit. haha. Ah, it was so nice. I wish we could hang out all the time again. I miss her so much. :( blahh. anyway. No being sad! I'm just happy we had this opportunity tonight.
Hat(7.80), feather necklace(5.80), ring(3.80), brooch on pocket($1)- Forever 21/Chain necklace- Walmart $3!/Bracelets($1 each!) and Belt ($2!)- Thrifted/Lace top- thrifted/Chambray shirt- Walmart/Shorts- Thrifted/Shoes($8!) and sunglasses($3.50!- Dollar General!!

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casual ambiguity said...

great casual look, I'm on the hunt for a chambray shirt but so far no luck in the op shops, and stores are charging ridiculous amounts for them, sigh.