Friday, March 12, 2010

Untitled Due to Lazyness.

Sweater- Old Navy from a thrift store/Shirt- given to me $free!/Skirt- Ross $5/Belt- Mom's $free!/Tights- Forever 21 $6/Shoes- Walmart $14/Sunglasses- Target from lost and found at work $free! hah
Ah! Busy day.
Let me tell you something.. This outfit may look tame to most of you, but this is probably the most daring thing I've worn. I've had the skirt and top both for a long time, but have hardly worn either. And when I do wear this top, it's always with jeans. Out of nowhere I thought to throw this all together, and I'm really loving the way it came out.

It's definitely a big step for me. Yellow plaid with maroon corduroy and the flowered tights? Colors and patterns all in one! I'm pretty proud of myself. :] And I even got a compliment from the boy. <3

The shirt was given to me by my friend Mallori, thank you! I knew it would be perfect for something, I just hadn't figured it out yet. And then this skirt was bought at Ross, on sale, for 5 bucks. I had wanted it since it was $10, but wouldn't spend the money. haha. But when I found only one left that was marked down, I snatched it up, despite it being a couple sizes too big. For this outfit I hiked it up to be a high-waisted skirt and just safety pinned the back and used the belt to hold everything in place.

Alright, confession. Because I have to wear a uniform at work. So lame, I know. I plan my outfits early in the morning, put them on and take a few pictures, then get ready for work and change back into the outfit in the afternoon. Today I actually got off early enough that I was able to take a few more pictures during the warm afternoon! I loved it.
Then when Jonathan and I met up at his house, we left right away to go get him a tattoo! It turned out really good, and he's very happy with it, so I am too. :] I don't have any, yet. But I'm thinking I might finally put some of my ideas into action next time he goes. We'll just have to see!

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Love your style btw!