Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Top-L.E.I. via Walmart $5!/Capris- From Ross, not sure on the brand right now/
Shoes- Keds borrowed from my mom

I cut my bangs! I guess it's not that big of a surprise, but I'm happy that I finally went through with it. It was totally on a whim Saturday morning before work, I just chopped them off. :]

This outfit is totally casual, but these are my favorite pants and shoes to wear during the warm months. I'm so so so glad it's finally warming up! When I took these pictures this morning the sky was covered in clouds, but still nice enough to show some skin. I love it! However, a huge thunderstorm is heading this way, and tomorrow is supposed to be cooler, yet sunny. You win some, you lose some. I'm just really enjoying the 70 degrees that we're getting now, because before you know it, it's going to be reaching over 100! ugh.

Anyway, so I totally had a great time showing off a tank top, and I love the crochet details on the back. I think it's really sweet.

In news of my personal life: I have been anti-Twilight since I first heard about it. Denouncing the books and the movies, and refusing to pay any attention to either of them. However, I am a firm believer in not judging something until you know about it. So, realizing I've been being a hypocrite, I asked my friend Alasun to let me borrow her copy of the Twilight book. I got it from her on Monday, and it will be finished by tonight. haha. I have to admit, it's really really really good. I'm pleasantly surprised. :] Have you read it? Or seen the movies? What do you think about them? I'm an avid reader, so of course I chose to read it first, and then maybe sometime soon I'll check out the film.

I don't find Robert Pattinson that attractive, but picturing him as Edward?! Perfection. hahah. I'm not a "twi-hard" as they are called, not even close. But I do give it some respect now. It has been a beautiful love story, and I'm such a mush!
So anyway, I just thought I'd share that with you and wonder if anyone else has gone through the same ordeal? Either with Twilight or another pop-culture phenom.

Alright, I'm off to brave the storm, and hope Jonathan gets home before it hits! Eek!

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