Tuesday, March 9, 2010

With the Sun...

Comes a bright new day!

green tank- Ross/white shirt- Ross/jeggings- Miley Cyrus/Max Azria from Walmart/shoes- Roxy from Ross/headband- Claire's probably, but I don't remember.

We got most of the stress out of the way today, and I'm soo relieved. I know, it's boring to talk about the weather. But today is almost worth celebrating. Seriously perfect. I even got off work early enough to shower and put on something decent before coming to see Jonathan, and was able to take a few tripod pictures. I didn't really like them that much, only the top and bottom pictures were from then. Luckily I have an amazing photographer who takes my photos without complaint, and makes me look good! :] Thanks babe.

I met him up at his work which is at a big paintball field here. That's where the other pictures are from. I love being out there with all of the wooded areas. I can't wait for nature to come back to life so we can have some great photo shoots out there. It's such a cool place. One of his co-workers is into rc helicopters, so we took advantage of the beautiful day to go out and watch him fly one. So cool, and so much fun!

So, I know I've already posted these leggings, but they just felt so right for today. I have a feeling they're going to get a LOT of wear from me. I know my outfits have been pretty simple, I'm still learning how to do the mix-matching thing, and using accessories. I'll get there. I added in this headband for some interest. I've had it for a long time, and I don't know why, but I hardly ever wear it. I think that might change, though.

Here's some pictures from our lovely afternoon...

Jonathan is on the right, yes he is rocking those cowboy boots, hard. :D And wearing my favorite sunglasses that I let him borrow today because he forgot his.
It's pretty awesome, huh?

All in all this was a great day. Now we're at home, relaxing.

Oh, one of the highlights of today? Driving around with my windows down, and The Higher turned all the way up. :]

Have a great night!

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