Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Guess Who's Back, Back Again!

I've been having some technical difficulty lately. In my life, and literally as in my laptop crapped out on me. Apparently my specific model of HP laptop has an issue with the NVIDIA graphics card and after so long it glitches out and there's no fixing it beyond getting a new hard drive, i.e. expensive. Or sending it to a company that can mod it and fix it for you, also a tad bit expensive, but once I have the money saved up for it I will definitely be choosing that option. So for now I have taken advantage of my boyfriend's wonderful generosity and I'm using his cute little iBook for the moment. Thanks babe!

Due to the technical difficulties in life, outfit photos have been the last thing on my mind, but a few days last week I did take a few pictures, and finally got around to putting them all together, editing and planning and what not today, so I'll have a few posts ready to go for you all for a few days this week at least. yay! I can't even describe how much I've been missing this place. ughh.

So anyway, on to the outfit? Yes. You've seen this shirt before here. I decided to make it a little more casual with the cuffed jeans and these AMAZING shoes I got last week! I've been searching high and low for some sandals very similar to these, and they were only 8 bucks. You know I love a steal, and I couldn't give a hoot about what is on the label. So let's play a fun little game, okay? Take a good, close look at these beauties and try to guess where I got them from. I will be surprised if anyone guesses right. haha.

Shirt- Gift from friend/Jeans- Bullhead from Pacsun/Shoes- Surprise! $8!/Belt- Goodwill $1!/Jewelry- Forever 21

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