Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vested in Leopard.

No, there is nothing green in this outfit at all. These are actually from yesterday. But rest assured, I am wearing green today, it's just not that exciting. haha. Green t-shirt with a hood, jeans, and some green Roxy slip on shoes. Pretty basic. Anyway..
This vest and leopard top were two more of my "If I don't wear them soon, I'm getting rid of them" items.. I think I should start doing this with more of my clothes.. I tend to stick with the same pieces, and limit myself a lot. Where as now, I'm forcing myself out of a comfort zone for the sake of really cheap thrift store finds. Perfect! Also, the elephant brooch has nothing to do with this outfit, but I thought I'd add it in for some wow. Ya know? Because I don't. hah.
Top and Vest- Thrifted (about $.20 a piece!)/Jeans- Empyre from Zumies/Shoes- Payless/Socks- Mom's Drawer/Elephant and small silver ring- Gifted/Bracelets- Dollar General/Purple Ring- Walmart? Maybe Targer? Not sure. :) 

Alright, I'm out to have some green beer, after making a delicious shepard's pie for the boyfriend. It turned out really great. Whew. Because I never, ever cook. So I was a little nervous. But I think it was a hit. :)

How has everyone's St Patricks Day gone?

Oh yeah.. I don't have an outfit photo.. but here was my spirit for the work day..

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Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) said...

How cute is that elephant pin! I love it and I totally love the leopard shirt!