Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Change of Scenery.

This is my favorite area around where I live. That's the library right behind me, where Douglas and I spend a lot of time together, and then to my right are cute little shops and restaurants. With ridiculously nice apartments behind there, and above the shops. It's a neat place. So I got brave enough to recruit Douglas to be photographer for the day (thank you darling!) and shoot photos in public! Gasp!
However, I'm pretty awkward about it, and it definitely shows in my face. haha. Oh well. I'll get used to it the more he helps me out. Hopefully he'll be willing to, anyway. ;-) I don't feel like I was too much of a tyrant, though.
I'm super in love with my outfit today. I get so happy when that happens. The shorts were a recent purchase, bought online through Forever 21. I got a few other things with them that I can't wait to showcase, too. But I've been coveting the paper bag waist shorts I had seen on other girls, and I finally had to give in to the purchase. haha. My shoes are also BRAND NEW. Douglas had to go to Payless for work shoes, and I just so happened to know they had these there, I felt they perfected my look. So I splurged again and  got these and another pair of wedges. Ahh, shopping. :]
Cardigan: Thrifted/Dress, Worn as Top: Forever 21/Shorts: Love21 ($17.50!)/Shoes: Payless ($19.99!)/Tights: Urban Outfitters/Bangles: Forever 21
p.s. Look at all the awkward on my face! lol



ooh, super cute outfit. I am loving the florals and those wedges, eek so freakin' cute. xx veronika

MyDearJenn said...

Very cute outfit! & I totally know where this place is :)