Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Realized Something About Myself Today..

I have SO MUCH FLORAL. haha. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but I realized that a lot of my patterned pieces definitely fit into that category. I do have other patterns, but I'm just always drawn to floral. However, I've been cleaning out my closet, organizing, and getting rid of things, and I decided to put this skirt in the preliminary pile, since I haven't worn it the whole time I've had it! It was thrifted, therefor ridiculously cheap, so it doesn't hurt my feelings much. But why have something you never wear? So I've put aside pieces that must be worn within the next month, or else they're being donated. I figured I'd start off with the simplest thing in that pile. :]
I think it's hard to tell, but my shirt is a very very light pink color. I love the softness of it, and it picks up the lighter flower colors in the skirt, but I wanted to bring it down a notch with black and metal accessories. 
I saw a tutorial for this simple, pretty hair-do on A CUP OF JO, and instantly fell in love. It's so easy to do! And looks just girly, and kind of romantic. I had to give it a try today, I thought it would go well with the soft, light pink of the top. What do you think? 

Also, I've been wearing the heck out of these shoes, and this is the first time I've actually gotten a photograph of them. They're just cute little jazz shoes, with metal details, and they're so comfortable! I love my inexpensive Ross store finds. 
Top-Super old?/Skirt- Thrifted/Tights- Target/Shoes- Riot! from Ross ($10!)/Necklace- Christmas gift from aunt/Bracelets- Dollar General ($4!)/Belt- From a different skirt.
I typed all of this out so ridiculously quick, I hope it all makes sense. haha! I'm now in my work uniform, about to head out to serve food and drinks to the locals. I hope everyone enjoys their Wednesday night! 

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Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I have SO much floral too; it's unhealthy... but I'm totally drawn to it too!! :)