Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Keepin' it casual today. I don't want to get carried away with mixing and matching lots of stuff right away and then ending up with nothing to look forward to. Plus, it was actually pretty warm today.. so lots of layers would have been silly. :) 
 So.. this is my favorite, simple little necklace. I'm pretty sure I've already said a million times, but I got it at a festival in Grapevine, TX called Grapefest. Clever name, right? haha. It's a great place to try out tasty wines, see some awesome local art, and eat yummy carnival-style funnel cakes and what not. I got the necklace from a booth set up by the company called Tiles Across Texas. They have beautiful home decor and neat jewelry. :) Then the little heart ring came from Hot Topic. lol. I've rarely found things there that I like since my teen years have been over (except my monroe jewelry), but this was nice, and I had a gift card. The belt was thrifted.. it probably cost me a dollar.. and... I'm not wearing the boots! haha.
Oh, and the hat is Empyre, which means it probably came from Zumiez. I can't remember if I bought it, or if it was given to me. Oh well. Also, I really need to paint my nails. They've been the trendy color of chipped black for far too long. :]
I guess that's all for this post. Like the outfit, I'm keepin' it casual. Actually, I just don't have much to say. Which I think is a-okay. Good night everyone!


Alanna's Mama said...

The pink shoes with the purple top just seem so great to me. I need to branch out on my shoe colors.

And I need to start trying out some hats. Your whole look has me thinking - I'm loving this!

alltumbledown said...

I've also been taking it easy in the beginning. I'm sure by day 24 I'll have crazy layers going on! Love the purple on you, and the hat (I'm a fan of those, wear them nearly every day.)

Shannon said...

Simple and cute! I dig it. Your hat is adorable...makes me want to incorporate hats into my remixing! Also, love the necklace =]