Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 4 of 30. Who Needs a Fancy Title, Anyway?

 It got ridiculously cold! There were some storms in the morning, then the sun came out, then the temperature dropped about twenty degrees. Crazy! And I think it's gonna stay cold until at least Monday. Blahh.I was excited for fall weather, I am NOT excited for winter weather. But, that's life!

 My hair kept attacking my face because of the wind.. It made for a cold, frustrated Megan. But, I braved it out to get a little bit caught up on this whole 30 for 30 thing! haha. I do promise that my photos will get more interesting. I decided that if you're only going to be seeing the same 30 items for the next 30 (now twenty six) posts.. that I should start to mix up my backgrounds a little bit. I have enlisted the help of my dear Douglas to step in as photographer on the days he is able, so that I can explore Ft Worth and Dallas a little bit for some exciting new locales, and not look like a weirdo in some downtown setting with my tripod. haha.


Linley said...

so jealous you are getting some cool weather! cute outfit and love the necklace!


Shannon said...

So cute! Love the boots and flouncy skirt together. always seems like the gorgeous, crisp fall weather only lasts for a few weeks before winter swoops in. Grr.

Linda W said...

Cute sweater! I like the color you added underneath.
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