Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tough Cookie.

I really have sooo much to talk about! haha. So enjoy that first teaser photo, because I'm gonna chat about things other than my clothes for a minute. :]
Last Wed night through Friday night I was in Oklahoma! If you've never read my first post, then I'll let you know.. I lived in Oklahoma for most of my life.. up until almost 2 years ago, when I moved here to Texas to stay with my mom and grandma for awhile. So anyway, all of my friends that I've grown up with pretty much live in Oklahoma. I had a couple of days off last week, and enough money to fill up my gas tank, so I headed north. I stayed with Amanda Emiley, my best friend, and her boyfriend. I got to see so many old friends! And it felt really good to be "home" again. You know? I have so many stories from my trip, but they probably wouldn't make sense to any of you. haha. I'll just say that I had an amazing time, and it was definitely needed. Relieved tons of stress! lol.

Okay, anyway.. I just had to get that all out, I've been so happy since my trip, and I can't wait to go back again!

So, this is my version of sweet and.. tough? haha. I guess. Mostly black with a light, sheer layer of soft pink. I honestly love it. I got the pink top in one of those $1 bag of clothes sales. Most awesome thing ever. It's vintage of some sort, but I'm not an expert. So who knows. I just know that it has pretty lace, pearl buttons, it's sheer, it's flowy, and I love it!
This was due to the fact that I hit the tripod after setting the self timer, and I didn't realize that it had turned the camera until I turned around to pose, so just to be silly I decided to jump in front of the camera real fast so that it wouldn't be a completely wasted picture. lol. I kinda like how it turned out. :]

Let me just say this.. the leaves may be turning brown and falling of the trees, but it is STILL hot as blazes here! I was seriously sweating during all this. The things I do. haha. Also, those shoes are completely ridiculous, and I nearly twisted my ankle quite a few times. I'm not a normal girl who is used to walking around in heels. I've said it before and I'll say it again. But it's not going to stop me from at least trying! :]

Also, that necklace and the bracelet were bought at a shop in Oklahoma that is literally called $1 Jewelry. Yes. Everything. One dollar. well, rings are 1.99, and they have purses that are 10-20. But yeah. It's pretty much mind blowing. Not gonna lie.
Pink top- Thrifted (about $.20!)/Striped tank- Norma Kamali from Walmart ($5!)/Jeans- Empyre from Zumiez (on sale but I don't remember how much. Like $10, I think!)/Shoes- Forever 21 ($13!)/Necklace and Bracelet- $1 Jewelry ($1 each!)

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